Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kk: Keen

DefinedThe funeral cry or wail of lament for the dead, practice by the Irish peasantry. Said to be an imitation of the wail of the banshee.Cocktale Party BanterThe keen was heard loud and clear.Literary ContextIt could be no surprise therefore to the lord lieutenant to learn that his administration was attacked in parliament particularly by Shaftesbury but he had the satisfaction at the same time to hear of the keen though polite defence made by his son the generous Ossory After justifying several particulars of Ormond's administration against that intriguing patriot Ossory proceeded in the following words Having spoken of what the lord lieutenant has done I presume with the same truth to tell your lordships what he has not done He never advised the breaking of the triple league he never advised the shutting up of the exchequer he never advised the declaration for a toleration he never advised the falling out with the Dutch and the joining with France he was not the author of that most excellent position Delenda est Carthago that Holland a protestant country should contrary to the true interests of England be totally destroyed I beg that your lordships will be so just as to judge of my father and all men according to their actions and their counsels."

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Gg: girsha

definitiongirl Cocktail Party BanterDid you invite any girshas to this party? Literary Context

crying Eshtha Eshtha Eshtlia Hush girsha lady It is not the poor ladymother you would be disturbing would you Pho Pho The beautiful little girsha ladies never cry never make ugly noises It is only the wicked men that do that Some day the girsha ladies shall kill all the wicked ugly men in Ireland yes every one of them and throw them over there into the sea so they shall
{Maelcho: a sixteenth century narrative By Emily Lawless}

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Okay this was just weird but cool.  I typed girsha into the search bar and it gave me this Malayasian film.  I did not watch all of it, but you might like it, but don't blame me for your wasting 2 hours of your lonely life.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bb: Blarney Stone

 Definition: At Blarney Castle in the County of Cork Ireland is a celebrated stone called the Blarney Stone It is made famous by tradition among Irish people that whoever kisses the Blarney Stone will from that moment become gifted with the power winsome flattery and persuasive eloquence Hence it is the shrine of ambitious orators and ardent lovers from immemorial to the present day.(Wright, Intro to Echoes from the Blarney Stone)
Cocktail Party BanterYou must have kissed the Blarney Stone, for your words are so eloquent.
Literary ReferenceIT'S quare how some can talk so And tell what they are seekin
They have a knack and cut of gib And illoquence for speakin
And they can string so long a chat Ye d wonder how they prate it
They take a word of this and that And thin how well they mate it
And gaping crowds they can And lead them on to mobbin
Or like a fiddle in a dance Just kape thim gintly bobbin
And they can spake the words of pace Our doubts and fears dispellin
Or they can bid our ills inkrease Beyond the power of tellin
But what's the grass they graze
That kapes their tongues so And how is it they saze
upon Their words woot little striven
The Blarney Stone
the Blarney Stone
It has a magic all its own
And though some fools may mock and hiss it
The wisest men will stoop to kiss it
And there O pity Echoes
 from the Blarney Stone and Other Rhymes by Robert Creighton Wright.
Audio Visual: This song has lyrics that may not be sensible to virgin ears.  I warned you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oo: Orangemen

Orange-menUsually a Protestant of Scotch Presbyterian Faith; a member of the Loyal Orange Institution an Irish society organized in the north of Ireland, and largely flourishing in Ulster. It was established in 1795 to defend the laws and rules of England, and to maintain in Ireland the Protestant ascendancy in the face of the rising agitation of the Catholic Emancipation. Its name is taken from the family of King William III of England (William of Orange), who defeated King James II on July 12, 1690, and who landed in England on November 5, 1688. As anniversaries of these two dates, holiday celebrations are made by the L.O.I, at which time members of the order wear orange-colored flowers, oranges sashes and join in parades. Cocktail Party Banter Are you an Orangeman? Literary Contextall kinds The militia were corrupt the army feeble Of these the United Irishmen had no fear The Orangemen they made no secret of their fearing most deeply Samuel Neilson the most determined and dangerous of the United leaders told a supposed confederate who was a spy of the Castle that he was in far greater dread of the Orangemen than of the soldiers They were very powerful and very desperate 1 Had Camden bravely made the Orangemen his allies treason would have crept back into its den and been heard of no more Unhappily under constitutional governments spontaneous loyalty is the last virtue which obtains recognition The friend who is a friend on principle can be relied on as a forlorn hope however coldly looked upon The supposed business of constitutional governments is not to encourage the good but to conciliate the bad if necessary by the sacrifice of the deserving Lord Camden yielding to the cant of Liberalism affected deeper indignation at the disorders of the Orangemen than the outrages of the Catholic assassins.(The English in Ireland in the eighteenth century, Volume 3
By James Anthony Froude)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cc: Caish

Definition a pig Cock tale-Party Banter We will be serving our prized caish tonight, with a side of turnips, and a bottle of Tualatin Estate Pinot-Noir.  
 Literary Context
Let a man have a middling sized pit o cups again the winter a small caish to his rent an a handful o turf behind the doore an he defy the world

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bb: banshee

DefintionAn attendant fairy in Irish Folklore who follows the old familes, and none but them, and wails just before a family member dies.   Derived from  ban (baen, a woman, and shee (sidhe); a fairy. Cocktail Party BanterThe banshee said to me, Baithershin, what will be will be, today we drink tomorrow we die in our home, Ireland!Literature Use Of
There was a long silence What did you think of America then the Child in a weak voice It's no place for a decent banshee the hereditary banshee of the Mulligans or a decent wraith either You take and don t you ever go there as long re a sobbing wraith and there's a in Ireland The Child wept dismally tears her furrowed cheeks and she said The banshee rustled her and moaned a little in gloomy content

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Gg: Godniosity (Special Report)

(noun; ME, godd; LL, iositas) = 1) The tendency to represent all and every phenomenon as a priori proof of the existence of “God” with a capital G. 2) The conviction that philosophies that either do not recognize or at least doubt the existence of “God” are evil, misguided or/and misinformed.
Godniosity comes in multiple guises, from the casually intrusive “God bless” of acquaintances and panhandlers to the World War II cliché that a writing colleague proclaimed upon learning that I am in no way involved with religion: “There are no atheists in foxholes!”

This word was coined by Marvin Kaye and I first read it in Space and Time.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bb: Bosthoon

Definitiona blockheadA Sentence to Use at Your Next Cocktail-PartyJoyce is such a bosthoon when he is around a pretty lady, his usual graceful demeanor becomes suddenly clouded, and he bumps into every gent at our party.

Literary Context

Among other exercises DALY taught Bosthoon to open the front door every morning at five o clock He accustomed the horse to march from the stable when an alarum set always at that hour went off lift one foot up to the old fashioned latch and press against it until the door yielded By degrees the manoeuvre was performed so punctually that DALY found all necessity for setting the alarum entirely obviated(I believe this was written by Owen Seaman).

Punch Volume 129  Magazine:
 By Mark Lemon, Henry Mayhew, Tom Taylor, Shirley Brooks, Sir Francis Cowley Burnand, Sir Owen Seaman

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There was no film on you tube for this word so I copied a picture from the faboulous site Wandering Rocks and its illustrations to James Joyce Ulysses.